Save button for LinkedIn posts

I can’t stop saving LinkedIn posts for later

I compulsively save LinkedIn posts that look interesting.

I’ve only just begun moving into content marketing after a decade-long stint in journalism, and I’ve found plenty of great bite-size lessons here.

Sure, you won’t become an expert from reading a few short posts. But they can turn you on to new skill sets to learn, books to read, and frameworks to study.

It’s also great if you’re looking to engage with folks on the platform more consistently. It’s easy to rifle through a bunch of your saved posts and comment on them thoughtfully in one sitting.

An example of this is Anthony Pierri’s recent post about why you may not want to go with broader positioning for your product.

It’s got me thinking about several things I need to learn, distill, and practice in my work – and I don’t know how else I’d have discovered it today.

Got any other LinkedIn habits worth getting into?


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