SaaS demo screenshot set against a tiled background

Does your SaaS product need an interactive demo?

A recent episode of the Exit Five podcast features Natalie Marcotullio from Navattic talking about how to think through interactive demos for SaaS.

In this live session, she shared insights from having been a B2B software buyer to actually working at a company that helps you make demos.

Interactive demo screenshot set against a tiled background
Navattic naturally features an impactful interactive demo on its own homepage

How to decide if you need to create an interactive demo

⌛You only have about 1.3 minutes of a B2B site visitor’s time to get it in front of them. A demo shows your customer what your product is about and how it works — fast.

⏲️ Aim for between 8-15 steps in your demo, so it wraps up in under 30 seconds.

🧠 If your product or niche is complex (like cybersecurity or finance), you should consider a demo to quickly give people an idea of what you have for them.

I’d add that this is also true if your app takes a different approach to solving a common problem, and that can be seen in the UI.

🌟 Your demo should depict an a-ha moment. Work with your design team to illustrate this, rather than simply doing a dry walkthrough of your app.

🏃‍♂️ Don’t be so competitor-focussed that you gate your product demo to avoid rivals seeing what your product is like.

✅ You can do CTAs within your demo (using most modern demo apps), so you can still pick up valuable leads without gating it.

🧑‍🦱 Personalisation is important: create multiple versions of your demo to share across different sales channels.

That goes for or the main demo on your homepage too. You can set it up to first ask visitors to indicate what kind of role they’re in or what use case they have in mind. Then, guide them through your product accordingly.

There’s more where that came from, including channels where you can use your demo, and how to follow through with potential customers after a demo.

Tune in to the episode here.


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